‘Pixels and Paint … My Journey,’ by Steve Getz at Gallery425

Join us for the opening of ‘Pixels and Paint … My Journey,’ by Steve Getz, on Friday, December 7th, 2018 at 6pm.


The overview of the exhibit is to display a wide range of art mediums that have encompassed his work over the past 10 years. These include oil painting, digital painting and photography. To Getz, they intermingle but are also separated into their own forms of art and expression.

This exhibit includes the 4 major categories ….

1. Oil Painting
2. Photography
3. Digital Painting
4. Mixed Media

Getz believes in exploring old and new techniques to achieve these very different end results. There is a sense of creative accomplishment when you can bridge these different applications to achieve a result in which viewers can appreciate the image but are also curious to know more about the process. He is also not bashful to proclaim a his perpetual appreciation of 19th century landscape painters. Without this influence, Getz doubts he would have chosen to be a professional artist.

For Getz, true creativity is a very personal journey and has very little to do with impressing others. Hopefully that is a bi-product but should not the initiator of the process. Getz favors this exhibit because he is able to display traditional media along side of more contemporary forms of art without being confined to predetermined parameters.

“Don’t not stay ‘satisfied or safe’ with the art you create. Take bold steps to be different even though many may not understand or appreciate the end result. As artists, pushing our creative talents past commercially acceptable in some ways frees the soul to produce exceptional art.” – Steve Getz

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