Mixed Media Drawings by Roger Shipley

6PM – 9PM

Artist Statement

Shipley has always been fascinated with the complexities found in nature. When he observes the forest or study’s the breaks in ocean waves, he sees a myriad of shapes, textures, contrasting colors and values in nature’s dynamic interlocking forms, all alive and competing for a limited space in which to grow and survive. In these drawings, he tries to show that in this complex tangle of many diverse forms there can be order. His drawings are very complex but feel’s they are successful as artistic images.


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Short Bio

Roger Shipley, Professor of Art Emeritus, received his BA degree from Otterbein College in 1964. He did additional study in art at the American School of Art at Fontainebleau, France in 1962, and the Cleveland Institute of Art in 1965 before going on to the Cranbrook Academy of Art to obtain his MFA in Painting and printmaking in 1967. Roger came to Lycoming in 1967 where he taught various disciplines in two-dimensional art for 43 years. Recently retired, Roger continues to produce work in both the two and three-dimensional areas of art. He shows his work extensively thoroughly the United States in galleries and in juried and invitational exhibitions. He has received numerous prizes for his work and has had his work published in Beginning Sculpture, Davis Publications, 2005 and The Sculpture Reference, Sculpture Book publishing, 2005.  Roger is currently completing a bronze sculpture called Germination commissioned by the Public Art Works Committee and the city of Williamsport. Roger has been listed in Who’s Who in American Art since 1978.

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