JULY: Fiber as Medium

JULY 3 – JULY 30

To quote Susan Taber Avila, fiber art is “any type of artwork which uses linear, pliable elements – fibers – as a major material. Fiber art may be constructed by methods traditionally associated with textile fibers such as stitching, weaving, dyeing, etc. Fiber art may consist of objects traditionally associated with textiles including (actual or virtual) clothing, rugs, linens, wall hangings, etc…”

Join us for the opening on First Friday, July 6th, 2018, 6pm-9pm.

13 Artists will be on display showing their pieces of fiber art which range from fashion influences and weaving to fine art.



Camille Seeling

Jackie Thomas

Meredith Grimsley

Brian James Spies

Lynn Estomin

Eva Nguyen Johnson

Brittany McLaughlin

Tristan L. Lee

Brad Stopper

Micky Mapstone

Paula Swett

Leslie James

Carol Ann Simon-Cillo


More on fiber art from Susan Taber Avila HERE


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