WORKING: Some ordinary and some out-of-the-ordinary jobs done by extraordinary people

Join us for the Opening
Friday May 4th, 2018 at 6pm



Rick Mason of Williamsport is an award-winning, nationally-published photographer who has been steadily developing his “photographic eye” over the past half-century. Rick invested four decades as a communications professional; having worked as a broadcast journalist, public information officer, freelance writer, portrait photographer and community volunteer. Rick is passionate about his family, people photography, gardening, bonsai, community service and hugs.


Some seeds take just the right conditions to germinate. Like a forest fire needed to nudge certain conifer seeds to sprout, they can lay dormant for years before beginning their growth. The seed for this month’s exhibit of “WORKING” black and white photographs was planted 30 years ago, with the capture of the bus cleaner. Over the years, other unusual jobs presented themselves in front of my cameras, starting in the old days of 35mm film, and, in the past decade or so, in the age of digital capture. Thanks to the “nudging fire” of JudyO, this past winter I finally knuckled down to sort through hundreds of photo files and contact sheets to settle on 20 representative samples for the chosen theme. To my surprise, after reviewing decades of files, I could easily have doubled the size of the show. Having said that, I hope you find the scenes offered will satisfy your artistic appetites for a taste of my work. Hugs to all.

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