Project Gallery Expansion into Gallery425

“Learning to See,” Photography by Susquehanna University Students

Opening Friday, March 3rd, 2017, 6pm-9pm

Located at Gallery425, the Project Gallery will be a joint effort that allows Lycoming Arts to add to it’s current 3 educational gallery experiences. Presently, there are three student galleries: one at Plankenhorns for elementary students, one at the Genetti for High school students and one at the CAC lobby for College students.

Gallery425 will launch its new Project Gallery with a collection of photographs by Susquehanna University students on First Friday March 3rd.  The exhibition entitled “Learning to See” will feature original works by more than fifteen students produced for assignments during the past several semesters.

“Creating an exceptional photograph is more than just understanding the technical workings of a camera,” said Adjunct Professor Gordon Wenzel, a fine art / commercial photographer who teaches the photography program at Susquehanna University in Selinsgrove.  “It is about seeing the world from a unique vantage point and being able to express that visually.  We all make assumptions about what things look like in the world around us.  But in order to create a truly compelling image, we must really learn to see differently, looking beyond our assumptions.  Just like someone who is drawing an object must break down the form into its basic components, a photographer must open their eyes and minds, and breakdown a scene to what is not just obvious or familiar.  Then using compositional tools, they can construct an image so that it informs the viewer of something truly unique.”

Regarding the Project Gallery, gallery owner Judy Olinsky said: “in partnership with Lycoming Arts, this new space can be used for special art projects done by the regional art professors, public school art teachers and non-profit groups.  The gallery has a special hanging system that can display matted only works—which is important since it is usually too expensive for students to frame their works.  I am very excited to be able to host such exhibitions in our downtown gallery.”

There will be an opening reception on First Friday March 3rd from 6-9pm which is free and open to the public.  The exhibition will continue on display until April 5th.


For more information:

Gordon Wenzel 570-490-0778


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