Holly Patton Shull “Sight Unseen” Coming to Gallery 425 in August

A letter from the artist:

I knew from the time that I was twelve years old when I walked into my uncle’s painting studio, that I loved oils. I did not have the courage to pick up the brush until my early forties and have not been able to put it down since. Maybe I had to wait that long before I had something to say that suited this very old art form. People often ask what I like to paint. I am driven to paint of humanity…the human condition. the face, the body, emotions and spirituality. It turns me on to explore, through the beautiful colors, what goes on around and inside of us. I surrender to each new painting completely —the mystical process never ceases to amaze and thrill me.

I grew up in an artistic family. My father was an animator for Disney and Warner Brothers in the late 30’s and 40’s. His oldest brother, Bernard, was the painter. My sister, Deane Patton, is an amazing illustrator and photographer. And I have a cousin, Jenieve, in St. Petersburg who is also a painter. I was primarily an illustrator until my first oil painting. I moved my studio from my home to the Pajama Factory in 2012. Beginning in October, I will be painting and promoting my artwork full time!

The Stairwell

I am honored to be asked by Judy and Stu to represent the woman artist for Gallery 425, August 2016 First Friday. For this exhibit, the Olinsky’s asked that I bring paintings that had not been shown in the area. I have gathered back a few favorite commissions, some recent works not seen outside my studio, and have also painted seven new paintings specifically for this gallery and space that is dedicated to women artists. For the most part my new paintings focus on the marginalized—that, of course, includes the feminine. I am a woman’s woman—meaning, I need my girls and they need me. I come from a long line of strong women. I have two sisters—one child, my daughter, Cydne, and her child, Asta, my granddaughter. I have an exceptional circle of women that nourish my heart and soul daily. We all fight for justice, peace and endeavor to live the purposeful life, along with our loving brothers, in sustaining and nurturing our mother Earth. I hope this collection provokes some feelings for the viewer, somehow—if so, I will consider it a success.

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