Judy & Stu Olinsky Welcomes Paul Barrett to Gallery 425!!

The Photography of Paul Barrett

This collection, opening for First Friday in June (June 3rd), showcases Paul’s passion for fine art photography. Paul enjoys taking lots of different types of photographs, however, most of his work is in landscapes/nature photography from unusual locations around the state, in all seasons.

Paul, a Scranton Native, currently resides in Hugesville, PA, where he has taught Art & Photography for 36 years. In his spare time, Paul also teaches adult photography classes at the high school and works as a photographer for WBL Magazine. Paul’s work has won him several ribbons in various local photography contests.

Paul creates unusual effects using Photoshop, believing Photography is looking at one thing, but seeing something else and capturing it to show others. He is always on the lookout for interesting pictures, never knowing where that perfect picture will be.

FB Old Homestead
Photo courtesy of Paul Barrett